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Important Update:

Dear CRC Member,

As we go one step further into isolation in Australia we urge you to prepare and to be careful by noting the following:

1. Heeding all the requirements of Government and pray for them especially our PM Scott Morrison

2. Preparing your household with extra necessities without being part of the Panic Buying we have seen.

3. If you have lost your job that you apply to Centrelink which you can do online at MyGov without having to queue up outside.

4. If your business is under stress that you go to the link in the comment section below and see what is available for you with the latest Stimulus package from the Australian Government.

5. If your child is at school you have been given permission to keep them at home.

6. We ask you to check in on church members, friends, and neighbours and share the Good News of Christ through whatever means possible but maintain the requirements of Government for social distancing.

7.  Please donate blood at the Red Cross who have seen an unprecedented number of cancellations everyday due to fear.

8. Drop off non-perishable food and toiletries at the church so we can make up parcels for those in need. (Please email to set a time for drop off)

9. Please check Facebook everyday as we will provide updates and biblically based messages.

10. We will be streaming our services live on Facebook and YouTube (on this page) every Sunday and we ask that you watch, participate and stay committed to the Church that you are a member of without bouncing all over the place because of the variety available.

11. Please continue to be faithful in giving tithes and offering to your Church in this time.

12. Lastly and above all, read your Bible, Pray and have Communion everyday with your family and know that God is with you to reflect His light and love to those around you.

Thank you for your commitment in this time and please be assured of our prayers and commitment to you.

Pastors Clive & Sharon Pawson